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The DeLano Foundation Board of Directors are pleased to announce that the 2023 Grant Cycle has been completed.  The Board expresses their pleasure that they have the honor of supporting these worthy and important organizations.  The DeLano Foundation was able to distribute $224,380.95 this year.  The Board emphasizes all Allegan Area nonprofit organizations to apply for the 2024 grant cycle.  The deadline for applications for 2024 is September 10th.

2024 Application Deadline is September 10, 2024

Apply for 2024 Grant Cycle

Organizations with demonstrated unmet financial requirements working toward the furtherance of humanitarian, educational, cultural, and environmental enrichment in the City of Allegan and Allegan County are encouraged to apply.


Grant applicants are expected to use the grant application which has been designed for the year in which the application is being made.  Except in the case of hardship as determined by the Board, applications made on outdated application forms shall be returned to the applicant with the instruction to resubmit it using the currently applicable form.

  1. Get Started
    View Our Application Page to download the current form.
  2. Complete the Application
    Save the PDF to your computer to fill out the form and save your responses.
  3. Review Requirements and Documentation Needed
    Follow all application instructions, provide required documentation & acknowledge audit requirements. Please DO NOT use staples or print your grant application two-sided.
  4. Return Application for Consideration
    Mail application to our mailing address (on application).

Complete Your 2024 Grant Application